The Self-Titled Debut Album

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  1. Here Comes The Heartache
  2. I’ve Been Drinkin’ More
  3. Hot Mouth Mama
  4. Fancy Limousine
  5. World Of Make Believe
  6. Back In My Arms
  7. Buppa-Bup-Bow-Bow
  8. True Blues
  9. I Wonder If You’ll Ever Come Around
  10. I’ll Set You Free
  11. Pullin’ Out The Suit
  12. Welcome To The Blues
  13. Walk Through My Heart




About Jason James

Jason James’ self-titled debut on New West introduced a charismatic young artist whose effortless mastery of his chosen style serves as a deeply compelling vehicle for his vibrant creative spirit. The talented Texan writes rousing honky-tonk anthems, heart-tugging ballads and smart, sly-humored country-rock tunes that echo the vintage classics that are his touchstones, and sings them with a level of emotional urgency that makes it clear that he means every word.  The 13 original compositions that comprise Jason James make it clear that the artist is interested in making music that's timeless rather than retro, reflecting his interest in adding to country tradition rather than merely emulating it.  Although he's fully aware that the country mainstream is currently dominated by gimmicky, contrived commercial product, James has no interest in diluting his music for mass consumption.  "I really think that what I'm doing is pretty universal and that people can recognize honesty and passion when they hear it,' he says. "It's worth remembering that at one time, the stuff that was popular on the country chart were the guys who influenced me. So I know that it can work. I think people still hear music the same way they always have, and they're looking for the same things in music that they've always looked for. They just want to hear something that's honest and catchy, and that's what I'm trying to do.”.  Jason & his band (their band name changes every show to suit the venue/event) are building nicely in Texas (recently headlining The Broken Spoke in Austin for the first time, and will expand their reach with the next album cycle to the rest of North America and Europe.  “Let’s Say Goodbye, Like We Said Hello” (a cool Ernest Tubb cover) was featured in a Shiner Beer commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl in 2018, it is still running in select markets (mostly during other sporting events).  Jason’s second album, Seems Like Tears Ago will be an October 4, 2019 release. It will be proceeded by the first single/video from it, “Move A Little Closer”.

A quote from his twitter page:  

“I can’t eat or sleep unless it’s Hank or Jones. It’s the strangest thing.  I have never loved another music as much as country… there’s nothing else like it.”



ARTIST Management

John Porter @ Mood Indigo Entertainment (917) 301-7528



Lori Folse (North America) (409) 370-3970

Gijs Cals (Europe)
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Angela Backstrom @ Angela Backstrom Promo


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